Huf ● Pocket Classic 6 Panel Hat

Sky is not the limit for headwear, it goes beyond the Milky Way in all honesty and Huf is one of the brands that is pushing the boundaries the most.

I come from way, way back, when if you bought a plain trucker and you stenciled Suicidal Tendencies on it you were the idol of your friends. Many, many moons have passed and recently in years we have seen it all in headwear: from fitted to snapbacks with straight visors to bucket hats to dad caps with unstructured crown and curved visor.

The latter has caught up among headwear fans and spread like the plague but then again, it has been a few seasons that people rock this style and true headwear connoisseurs are now out looking for “that special something”. With this Pocket Classic 6 Panel Hat Huf got you served with a retro shape made of current materials like sail cloth. Unstructured and smooth, with a 2D embroidery of a H that looks thinner compared to the one that we could see years ago on a Huf fitted, this style is very discreet.

Showing a current colorway that includes a dark shade of teal, beside a clean navy blue ready for nautical style matchings, this cap has that special something but it’s so special that… it’s hidden. Right under the visor this cap here worn by Kre V has a secret pocket. What was once limited to the puffy tongue of your skate shoes is now found in this part of the cap.

Surprised? You can bet that I was surprised too but think about it: it’s not that Huf became relevant worldwide with a cool logo but with back to back collections that show authentic street flavor of the sharpest kind, just like this headwear piece. Do yourself a favor: update your image with one of the many Huf items that you can buy online at Blakshop. This is something that you don’t need to keep secret, you can be proud of it!
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