Huf ● Vicious Volley

Being a skateboarder since the 80s, who but Keith Hufnagel may know what makes up the perfect headwear piece? Welcome to Huf and its Vicious Volley. Very Vicious Circle, but a bit more John Lydon than Sid Vicious for what concerns the plaid patterns, this Vicious Volley says “skateboarding” loud and clear.

Skateboarders and caps go hand in hand like carburators and engines in the hood, since the beginning. If I only go down memory lane I can remember how crucial was to have a skate cap when I first started as a matter to define my identity and the more the things change… the more we stay the same.

A cap keeps the sun off your eyes, while you can focus on the set of stairs that you want to kickflip, cutting off a few distractions, letting you have a tighter connection with the obstacle you are about to skate.

But a skate cap also serves you as a way to tell where you stand when it comes to your way to live the streets. Creativity and that original style that now the whole fashion world is trying to borrow from skateboarders belong to you and you should be proud to show them, even when you aren’t actually skating. Mixing two tartans is an unusual yet very clean approach to cap design and you bet that when you do so with such a flawless shape, no corner of the city is safe from your attack.

Every detail matters when it comes to a superior headwear piece. Its closure includes a ring that lets you hang your cap with a carabineer to your backpack or wherever it feels right, once you are done with skating and your cap is soaking wet from the session. Don’t confuse the original with the copy: the real deal always comes by skaters for skaters and this is undoubtely the case. Shop at Huf section on Blakshop and rest assured: fake brands are somewhere else…

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Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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