Huf – Pepper Pro by Blue Distribution

Huf is tough. While the average skateboarder seeks shelter under the hut of sporting goods corporations, the skateboarder that knows who’s who gives back to the people that were struggling to survive during the dark days of skateboarding. Keith Hufnagel has always been there, in good or bad weather, so I am proud to feature his Pepper Pro in our Christmas special Six Sick Kicks. Easy to break in as soon as you wear it, this skateboard shoe is the result of years of experience and tests. The ultimate shoe for technical street skating, flexible and sensible, the Pepper Pro is ready to let you express your skate finesse like Joey Pepper does. A master when it comes to find obscure spots to put his mark on it, he enjoys skateboarding on both coasts with a very personal touch, that’s why him and Keith Hufnagel clicked together nicely. This pro model incorporates several elements really functional. The ollie pad on the side and its vulcanized construction, together with an all suede toe cap makes this Pepper Pro a winner on the streets. Stratusfoam technology is ready to absorb the impacts while the tread of the outsole is grippy as you want. Beside function, these skateshoes in the hands of Federica B look dumb nice with that ribbon on the side and the little parallel accent on the gum. It’s your choice: slave of sporting goods corporations or free skateboarder with style that knows what he is buying. Tell your shop to call Blue Distribution and start to deal in Huf gear, a skater run brand.

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