Huf x Haze ● Brush Tie dye tee

Let’s face it: if once “collaboration” was synonymous with “something cool”, nowadays this formula has kind of lost its appeal, if you think that there are a zillion collaborations out there (Balenciaga x Rammstein anyone?!). Not all is lost, if you give a look to what is under our eyes today.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s give a warm round of applause to an item whose strong New York flavor sets it apart. This Huf tee is part of a capsule collaboration with OG street artist Eric Haze whose name resonates among countercultural circles since the 80’s. The graff artist called Haze had its tag on the classic DJ Premier produced mix album “Reality Check 101” and this alone says a lot about his connection with real hip hop. What you may not know is that our hero also was responsible for other album covers such as Tone Loc but also LL Cool J and Beastie Boys just to name a few.

Haze street reputation grew bigger and bigger as he can count in his portfolio sharp collaborations such as Honda, but even Beams Japan and Pleasures, beside Brooklyn Nets. Haze trait is essential and his mentality, byproduct of that secret society that was graffiti at the beginning, evolved with time to reach mainstream appeal without forgetting its roots.

How could Eric forget about his friend Keith? The two were part of the same elite from New York that includes names like Futura, Stussy, Staple, Jebbia, Brunetti: the taste makers of the original East Coast wave that revolved around skateboarding and music, graffiti and streetwear, sneakers and art galleries.

This is why I see this tee from a diferent perspective: even if it is reasonably priced it is an authentic grail, that involves two pivotal figures of the New York that contributed to the evolution of the culture as we know it.

Following a tie dye scheme based on two tones of green, the graphics are developed using paint and a roller originally, in order to give the picture of the “hands on” approach of the artist. Cop yours on Huf section on Blakshop and come back tomorrow for more Huf: we have a weekly special going on starting today!

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