Huf x Haze ● Handstyle 1 crewneck

Do you remember that recently at the beginning of our “all Huf” special week, I showed you a Huf x Haze item? I want to go back on that collaboration capsule today.

A couple of days ago I was reading last Highsnobiety newsletter and it said something that applies to our post: 66% agree that they’re most interested in brands that have a great collaboration program and 67% of Gen Z has purchased collaborative products, as a confirmation of the above.

Now back to The Maxiemillion, the only independent voice that is keen to tell you the truth, some collaborations are just some contracts signed in order to get a double visibility. Then there are others, actual results of friendship and respect that sparkle ideas for creative projects. Today we are dealing with the latter. Usually freedom to think outside the box is mandatory in order to create something outstanding but sometimes the need to keep it clean prevails, like in this case.

Eric Haze and Huf were part of the original movement that took shape in the early 90’s that made music, apparel, graphic art and attitude blend in order to define a street taste where of course skateboarding could not miss. Those that had the pleasure to meet Keith Hufnagel in person know that our man was not carrying any unessential weight when it came to his outfit.

This aspect translated in such capsule and, after Huf Brush Tie Dye tee, now we feast our eyes with Handstyle 1 Crewneck. Haze wrote a dynamic Huf tag whose street art influence is more than evident. A thick embroidery on the front panel is there to spread love about one of the most stylish skaters to ever bless this planet.

Haze cloud-like signature tag can be found on the sleeve to define the entities that designed Huf x Haze collaboration capsule. To better refine this fleece, there is a woven label even on the side. The choice is yours: believe the hype or support the originals of our culture. To help you choose carefully you can rely on Huf section on Blakshop: you will be surprised by how many options to represent street culture right!

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