Huf x Street Fighter ● Dhalsim t-shirt

What are you fighting for? Are you worried about staying healthy rather than collecting all your money to go on holiday somewhere? Or are you simply fighting the heat wave that keeps on driving us crazy? Huf is no stranger to fights, if you consider that it is in constant competition with other brands that borrow its style and concepts, but its ally in this capsule is a seasoned veteran of fists and kicks.

It is no secret that skateboarders indulge in gaming time when they are off their board. This is why they are fine connoisseurs in this field so the name of a leader was mandatory to make a sharp capsule collection. With a tradition well planted in the past of videogames, the brand founded by Keith Hufnagel picked Street Fighter.

Even a non-gamer like myself knows the importance of such a title, that paved the way for many current titles that sell millions of units all across the world. Huf x Street Fighter plays with nostalgia elements that go beyond the videogame born at the end of the 80’s.

Logo positioning and small prints are an ode to the 90’s: during the so called “big pants small wheels” period street skaters wanted the same graphics of their skateboards on their tees, but in small dimensions and this item really evokes that retro vibe. Cartoon influences, mangas, video games you name it and young skaters know all about them.

Here on Huf x Street Fighter Dhalsim t-shirt we find the mystic peaceful yogi that wants to save his village in one of his highly recognizable moves, framed at the center of the chest. In order to give strength to branding, there is also a Street Fighter logo on the sleeve, making this collaboration as official as you like.

No better place to shop online for this item than Blakshop: there is the whole capsule available and like it wasn’t enough it is now on sale for a couple of days already. Wait no longer: Huf section on Blakshop is steaming hot and you should not fight that desire to buy online: let yourself go…

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