Huit x Osiris – NYC 83 Vulc

I am a die hard fan of Ghostface Killah. I may enjoy newer or older music but Ghost lyrics are always top notch. That’s why when I see a shoe called NYC 83 the opening bars of “Struggle” come to mind: “Yo, I was born and raised in New York City/The home of the Yankees, the Jam Master Jay’s and the Biggie’s”. Who doesn’t love New York?! Even Californian founder Brian Reid, one of the pillars that Osiris is based upon, couldn’t resist so he called NYC 83 this model. We first saw it here on The Maxiemillion in 2014 but today we have a version that is ready to make you blow your mind. Take the gifted hand of Huit, make him design a couple of haunted lovers, add a touch of passion and the result is this shoe in the hands of Francesca M completely out of the ordinary. A flavor with a hint of gothic romance together with a sweet sense of humor give to this flawless display of art on a shoe a huge value. I can see the strength of Osiris here. These sneakers are born from the desire to create something that was actually new, entering territories where others don’t dare to go but this is what makes Osiris a great brand. Go give a look to Osiris website to discover more about this collaboration that also includes a Rebound VLC. To make sure your shop carries this and the other models from this brand all you need to do is to make it connect to Nitro Distribution, the Italian distributor that can give you NYC (the shoe, not the city…). Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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