Hurley ● Endure Therma

I am familiar with Hurley for a long time, I even sold it retail when I was working at the skateshop in Paris, about 15 years ago but I realized that I never posted it on The Maxiemillion. Not many brands can claim a surf wear brand that looks great even in the streets. I know you heard of other brands of this segment but, once you wear their items in the city, you feel like a try hard surfer wannabe, but not with Hurley.

Putting emphasis on function without forgetting looks this Endure Therma is a clear example. No retro patterns or colorways that may be hard to match: this zipper hoodie stays essential but it has a well distinct flavor when it comes to its subtle details.

Its branding consists of an eyecatching little patch that is thermoglued on the chest. Looking closely there is a stitching around it that is actually the inside pocket, an element that contributes to the perception of Endure Therma as a jacket rather than a hoodie. Complete with a slightly dotted cord this is an item that you can wear all the time. Extreme weather? Beneath your parka it will keep you warm. Mid season weather? This is your jacket to avoid night breeze, surfing the traffic with your scooter.

Its two cursors on the zipper are made of a matte material that makes them precious. It is exactly the reason why I picked this item: lately I feel more attracted by items that needs to be discovered rather than others that are desperately seeking attention (with no actual value).

Made of a patented technology called Nike Thermal Fit, this may seem at first like an average zipper hoodie but it is made of a material that could be described as “polar fleece with no fluff on the exterior”.

Is it time for you to adopt a more mature look, without forgetting where you belong? Order this item from Hurley section on Blakshop and Therma Hoodie is ready to take off in order to be delivered to your door with a discounted price too (like Blakshop reliable service was not enough…)

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