“I write an anthem throw a tantrum and remain handsome/mysterious vibes, like I was the phantom” (Malik B)

When I think of my holidays I want my luggage half empty in order to buy some cool stuff when I will reach my destination but I also want it half full of the coolest clothing. I worked all year, do I have the right to show off a bit with the help of Hurley, now? When it comes to live the beach life, I want to put in my luggage something outstanding and from all the surfwear brands that I have seen around, Hurley has the crown. If you are a regular reader of The Maxiemillion you may still be impressed by those Hurley Phantom sandals that we saw here last week. Look at Beatrice S, here wearing a mens Phantom Aloha boardshort. This piece speaks loud about your style and at the same time it tells that you don’t accept anything below the excellence level that only this surfwear brand from California can give you. The Hawaiian style of this topaz blue item with its neon yellow stripe is eye catching but not loud. The monochrome pattern keeps it toned down but the stripe gives light to it. On subject of light, for your information, the white Hurley logo patch is reflective. As far as performance, this Phantom Aloha is made of a confortable stretch fabric of 100% recycled polyester, so not only you will look the freshest at the beach but you also keep the environment free from PET bottles and your movements will be even more free. Don’t miss out on this Blue Distribution brand: the beach is watching… Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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