Hurley ● Phantom Sandals

The perfect set up for your holidays must include even a good sandal and I bet somebody here thinks that it’s not that important but the designers at Hurley thought differently. First and foremost, feel free to use sandals in the city if you feel like, it’s your life, but don’t tell people that I encouraged you to do so. In my book sandals are what you wear on your feet at the beach and by a pool. This is it. But if I think about it for a minute you may enjoy the feeling that these Phantom give to your feet, then you may want to feel this sensation the longer possible. It ain’t hard to tell: it’s because of the anatomical EVA Footbed with heel cup, arch support and toe/heel kick. If you are a true sneakerhead you may have recognized the sole of this sandal: it’s the same of the Nike Free (it’s even written on a little corner of the sole itself). To put it in simple words the Phantom is like champagne in a bunch of bottles of random fizzy wines: there is no competition. Like with champagne, there is a lot of hard work to get to the final results and you know that hard work doesn’t come cheap but the superior comfort of this beach fundamental will conquer you. Also available in a leather version called simply Phantom Leather, Hurley is available through Blue Distribution. Don’t forget to slip these inside your luggage, before you leave. No better way to start with the right foot than this.

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