Just Hype ● Fun Run t-shirt + Script snapback

Nothing gets you hyped like Just Hype. To show you the potential of this brand I showed you recently a couple of its tees but I was keeping this ace up my sleeve up to now.

Remember when I first posted a few outfits from this brand back in 2015? Hype was the undisputed king of the all over floral prints but somehow it has been ready to lead the change instead of suffer.

This outfit composed by Fun Run men’s t-shirt and Script snapback is ready for whatever your Summer may take you. No matter if you are wearing this to go from the hotel to the beach or if you want to rock something at the club that will get the ladies… hyped on you: this is it!

Fun Run plays a refreshing game of contrast where a black and white all over tee gets a touch of aqua green that gives it an edge. The pattern seems like it has been created blowing air on some wet paint that went in different directions, giving it a sort of “urban camouflage” feeling.

That’s why to create an outfit to make Alessandra shine properly I picked a basic black Script snapback. The tee plays the main part while the cap gives strength to the logo on the front of the tee without overcharging the outfit too much.

If you want your shop to carry this brand, you have to get in touch with Blue Distribution. It’s about time to get your customers hyped, no matter the season: this brand has more aces up its sleeve than you can imagine

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