Just Hype ● Rose Bed crewneck

Just Hype is a force in streetwear that can’t be stopped. Let’s not forget that it all started as a test, being Liam Green a 17 years old that in 2011 had the smashing idea to create this brand after he won a graphic contest.

Look at what the brand has become in 2017: a lifestyle brand that satisfies all the needs of its young fans: from scarfs to backpacks and women dresses, this staple of UK streetwear is solid and here to stay. Not only there but even here: Interjeans just became is its new Italian distributor.

One of the main misconceptions about Hype is that “it’s a brand that designs loud allover prints only”. This is so not true, go browse Hype website and you will see how many solutions are up for grabs, ready to blend in easily in your wardrobe. But the truth is… that Hype excels when it come to those kind of prints so I wanted to give justice to this UK champ of street style.

Rose Bed crewneck has all the sweetness and freshness you may need plus some. As I told you last time we were dealing with a Hype item, it’s roses season (not in your garden, in streetwear). What a better idea then to put a few together and make a design whose vivid colors will capture your attention like only Hype can do? The impressive level of definition of the flowers below Hype script logo is here to see and it even includes a rose with a few dew drops.

This mens crewneck may be a great Christmas gift to your main crush, girl. Unless he is a die hard Star Wars fan: in this case this brand just dropped a brilliant capsule collection where you can take a spaceship to go straight to the heart of your beloved.

May the force in streetwear that can’t be stopped be with you.
Shop online for this item here > https://www.justhype.co.uk/hype-multi-rose-bed-aop-men-s-crewneck-6e0e12
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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