“I been in this game for years, it made me an animal/it’s rules to this sh*t, I wrote me a manual” (The Notorious Big)

Three heads are better than one. Can you imagine? One for work and responsibilities, one for fun and sports, the remaining one for love/hate department. Probably this pretty much sums up the concept for the above logo: we’re the king of the jungle and our three heads work as one. That’s pretty much the key to enter the professional skateboard world: work, responsabilities, fun, sports, love and hate are all important factors to survive at what you do. Work: skateboarding is your job. Responsabilities: filming, shooting pictures and entering contests are duties that you can’t refuse if you’re in this for the money. Fun: the feeling of landing a trick is the funniest ever, if you don’t skate, you don’t relate. Sport: call it what you want but skateboarding IS a sport because your body moves and sweats. Love: is the feeling you get when watching something done properly or when you consider that you spent years with that deck under your feet and you still do it. Hate: there is already too much in our world but hey, this is the spice that gives flavour to it. Homies at Affiliate skateboard company don’t hate my work, they love it. Same for their distributors here in Italy, Blast distribution. That’s why I keep receiving stuff for my blog and this means more knowledge dropped on you, the reader. At Affiliate skateboard company seems like they are developing new products on daily basis. One of the two bosses there, Vincenzo, told me that he’s working hard to get things done and 14 working hours per day seems to be the rule for him. Some girl at their headquarters even told me about the development of a woman line but this is still top secret and you didn’t hear it here, did you?! What you heard here is that the crew is happy about that Argentina trip that is reported at Platinum Seagulls. Everybody seems happy. Do you think I’m sad with such a dope tee shirt and the related 53 mm wheels? The tee has the low/right position of the logo that makes it crispy to my eyes and the wheels are simply the perfect all round white wheel of the perfect size. What more could I ask? Three king of the jungle heads?

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