“I bring death to a snake when he least expect/ain’t a damn thing changed, boy, protect ya neck” (Rza)

Upper Playground items are the best friends of the blog that you are reading. I did review a huge amoung of those. The reason is that I like what I see. A few times I even reviewed some stuff that was so and so to me but this never happened with them. Last items that I’m glad to inspect with you is this combo of destroyed tees, courtesy of the number one homie of The Maxiemillion, Max P. The ABC here is pretty simple. The European distributor, our supporter Interjeans srl, is also in charge to sell to retail stores another brand that they deal in, called Alternative Apparel. Organic cotton, recycled polyester and man made fibers from sustainable raw materials such as rayon, as well non-toxic dyes, biodegradable fabric softeners and natural enzymes for finishing is what comes into play with these tees, according to what you can read in their website. Want a quick translation? These are soft, dope looking and good for the environment. He had the idea to join forces and print on this superior tees a few of Upper Playground basic designs. If you are looking for something special, never seen before that talks about your attention to details and your need for innovation and fun in the way you dress, look no further. Let action speak louder than words and get lost watching the above pictures in the little details that make these tees unique. You buy your denims all ripped, why shouldn’t you buy a ripped tee?! The irregular stitching, together with the soft feeling make these three tees stand out in a shop full of stale logo designs where you buy them just to join the legion of customers of other played out brands. I’m saying that this is stuff for strong individuals that choose to lead instead of follow and to my taste this kind of stuff looks good on a chino or on a corduroy pant, better than a denim. All theories are made to be discussed and eventually changed, especially in this modern era. Do you agree?

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