“I can’t fold, I need gold, I re-up and reload/Product must be sold to you” (GZA)

Gone are the days when wearing a hood on your dome piece was considered gangsta or simply scary. Nowadays model types wear hoodies on the catwalk of your favourite big name designer and 12 years old kids wear their hood on, when they come out of school. There was a time where this garment was limited to sports, but once again the whole fashion industry stole from us because this item in general is really comfortable and easy to reinvent in a million ways. After the full print craze ignited by Pharrell W, things went out of control: big chain names started a mass production of all types of hoodied sweaters and in a second you and your neighbour are rocking the same garment. Not the case here: Soone denim is working on a higher level of craftmanship compared to your basic hoodie. What Double H sent to the blog you’re reading is a thick hoodie to protect you against tough climate. What maked it special are gold stichings bright and solid forming a pattern that strikes you but not too heavy at the same time. And last but not least that zipper… I smiled with appreciation when I saw it. I thought of the times when Biggie rocked his designer glasses. That “I feel rich and I need to show it off” vibe, in a time like this is much needed. Exactely what this hoodie purpose is: to show off, to bling with gold, the purest metal repping the old school. Slick Rick had no platinum back in the day, Run DMC were rocking nothing but gold ropes and that’s what this hoodie is bringing back. That vibe. There is no need to be rich, just the shine of gold recreates that said vibe. I luv to think of this item as a club jacket. Or a concert jacket. The thing is that you don’t wear this for a Laura Pausini concert, so we do need a Slick Rick tour. Right here, right now. I would get all anxious to wear this at a special occasion, it’s like that special pair of heels for a lady. Did I give you the picture? You don’t have to listen to me all the time, anyway. Wear it to go to the bakery or to do your exam and get that driving licence you’re studying for and there is nothing wrong with it. Aren’t we all different?

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