I can’t live without my killah bee sting

Where will an hypothetical meeting among LL Cool J and the Wu Tang take place? In a dark smokey chamber? On the “Mama said knock u out” ring of that video? I doubt both hypothesis. Probably @ the Marquee in the VIP area, sounds more realistic. This is purely fictional but that’s what came to mind when I saw these two juicy New Era caps: one was rapping “I can’t live without my radio” and the other one was “Wu Tang killah beez on a swarm”. Both my heroes on a couple of caps. Two different drawing styles for two different concepts AND the hoodie that goes with it. Personally I’m not feeling ensembles, but since I luv all these items, I would find a way to wear them properly, rest assured. Once again our favoutite designers find a way to make us drop our jaws: Sam Flores with the Beatcycle and Jeremy Fish with the Bee team. If you could touch with your hands these hoodies you would smile esponentially: embroidered appliqué, graphics from front to back, dope printed lining, patches on the elbows. Does anybody want more? You spoiled little brats! Homies at 12 grain and at Superfishal know both the meaning of quality AND quantity, since there’s much more to come. Follow the wire or die by the sting!

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  1. Move Urban Clothing 7 March 2009

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