“I control the masses/with metaphors that’s massive” (Heltah Skeltah)

My life is fantastic. Or better yet normal. I wake up, go to work, come home and stick to my pc, then out again, do my thing and then crash in bed. While I’m in front of my screen, like you I waste time on social networks, peep some infos here and there and write about myself on this blog, while you do it on your status, on your blog posts on Myspace or wherever makes you feel good and makes you get the attention you need. The only difference among me and you is that my job is never over. When I’m around you think I’m casually drinking but even if I look like a party guy, I’m peepin what kicks people wear to go to the bar. At the club, you think I’m just looking around but I’m figuring out how many of you wear good looking denims and how many don’t. I have my opinion but I don’t spread it: I may be wrong. Here on The Maxiemillion is kinda the same thing, but there is a difference: I spread it even if I may be wrong. That’s why I enclose pictures. You can see what I’m talkin’ about and think for yourself. The mass communication has a plus in my point of view: you don’t always have to force people to think like you, but you can open their mind and stimulate thoughts. Do you need my guidance to understand when a denim is good looking? I don’t think so. Always pay attention to the wash, the button, the rivets, the stitchings, the label and the drop. You’re set. Now let’s take this Upper Playground denim called Sam, the latest box sent in by Interjeans srl. To stimulate you even more I hid you the drop picture, you just have pictures of the wash, the front button and the back rivets, the leather label (or is it eco leather? sometimes you just can’t tell) and the back pocket. In my opinion you should already figure out if this is a denim suitable for you or if it doesn’t reach your standards. My test was hard this time: I wore it on the grand opening of the new shop where I work and at the skatepark a couple of days later. It’s a combination of elegance and toughness on all fields and it came out of the test as a winner. Test it for yourself on what your field is and let me know. If you don’t have it, the shop where I work does. Hidden message anybody?

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