“I don’t know what the hell’s stoppin ya/I’m clockin ya, Versace shades watchin ya” (The Notorious B.I.G.)

I don’t know what could stop you from getting these sunglasses but let’s start from the beginning. Sun and fun is the definition of summer. It’s a loose one but you get the picture. Since I try to open your mind every time, I have a point here that I’d love you to understand: don’t fake the funk. If summer sun and fun lead you to smile and to buy sunglasses, don’t be the guy that buys a Porsche but has no money left to put fuel in it. This means that it may not be necessary sometimes to show off with a Ray Ban vision like your name was A-Trak, if you want to look fresh and chill with the homies. Yet, sometimes you may want more than one pair of sunglasses because you’re not a rude boy but a sophisticated miss that cares about her outfit as a whole. No, you’re not buying designer glasses then. You don’t want to look as one of those boring girls full of designer logos on them and no smiles. Vans comes to rescue for you, boys & girls that want to be as good looking as you can. The Spicoli is your new favourite summer companion. Rider tested and Karmaloop approved, I got this pair at All In, the shop that has a little bit of everything around here and serves everything with a big smile. Basically, to be honest, this is sold as a man item. Well, do you think that our superminimodel extraordinaire Kourtney Amber R on top, doesn’t look awesome with her Spicolis on?! So not only these matt frames in ice-like colour are as fresh as the North Pole, but you can also enjoy a trippy feeling because these lenses increase contrast and make you see more clearly. Beside being UV400 ( stands for: total block of UV rays), these sunglasses are impact resistant. They gotta be, because Spicolis are sold with no case. What? You also wanted a case? Slow down, did I tell you how much these cost? A few lines above I was telling you that you can buy more than a single pair, in one of available colors (I have seen four but there are more). It’s for a simple reason: these babies got sold by our friends at All In at the superminiprice of 12 euros (smile included). This means that you too can smile and your wallet is safe once again, thanks to The Maxiemillion.

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