“I fli-I flips down the ave, know I’m lookin’ good/I’m bangin “Screw”, ni**a, diamonds up against that wood” (U.G.K. [sampling .380])

It must be wood season for all I know. The most famous tree of the world on boots is making a comeback, that other skateboard company with the tree as a logo has the world champ among their ranks, sunglasses start to quit triacetate to roll in the wood path and wood pendants companies start to flood the market. It was in this exact scenario that next thing I know there is a wood watch company. It was thanks to Decks4Necks Federico E that I came in contact with WeWood time pieces. He was showing me how surprised he was to see an actual watch made of wood and he passed me the link of the Facebook page of WeWood time pieces. I was surprised as well: a company coming from the Tuscany area, in the middle of Italy where harmony and love for nature go hand in hand with being fresh and loving design objects such as this Jupiter watch. With the heart consisting of a double quartz movement from Japanese brand Miyota, this Jupiter is black but it’s also available in 3 other colors: brown, beige and army. It’s that good old concept of: “take only pictures, leave only footprints” when you approach nature but this time it’s updated. Believe me when I tell you that these guys support a program where, for each and every watch they sell, they plant a tree to contribute to the health of our beloved planet earth.This watch looks massive but it’s so light that it will take you by surprise and you will smile satisfied and amused when rocking this on your wrist. Refined with distinct details on front and back, as you can see from the pictures, courtesy of Architect Francesco C, you use to lock the links a stainless steel piece 100% nickel free. Ready to show everybody how much you care about the world (without forgetting about yourself and most of all, your style…)?

Il legno domina ultimamente. C’e’ il ritorno confermato del brand col marchio con l’albero sui boots più diffusi in circolazione. C’e’ pure quel brand di skateboards con un albero come logo e il loro team sta facendo dei gran numeri. Gli occhiali iniziano a mollare il triacetato e si dirigono verso il legno. Il mercato è pieno di pendants in legno, insomma direi che ci siamo. Ecco in questo scenario WeWood time pieces, il tassello mancante. Orologi di design che da Firenze son pronti a conquistare il mondo partendo dallo Jupiter black che vedi qui sopra. Il
legno, qui di colorazione scura, è disponibile anche in brown, beige e army. Vuoi che grazie al tuo supporto il pianeta stia un po’ meglio? WeWood time pieces è la risposta. Un piccolo grande aiuto per la salute del pianeta, verrà proprio dal programma dove per ogni orologio venduto, viene piantato un albero. Non dimenticarti del pianeta (ma nemmeno di te e del tuo stile…)!


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