“I got myself a fourty, I got myself a shorty/and I’m about to go and stick it, yes I’m about to go and stick it” (Method Man)

There was a period in skateboarding that I like to call “World Industries era” rather then the more common “Big pants small wheels”. Skateboarding was a pastime for street derelicts that eat, think and dream skateboarding. The aphex of WI era was when they run the first copy of Big Brother. We became addicted to all the silly stuff they were running month after month together with next level street skateboarding documented with video grabs that were far from clean but we couldn’t care less. An ad that you could see there on regular basis was Shorty’s. Tony Buyalos thought that it was cool to run a poster of Rosa as an ad like those you see in car repair stations or tire dealers and next thing he knew was that skaters were totally in love with her. No choice but to keep on running like his name was Milli Vanilli. Running those ads, silly. To make a long story short, Rosa set the foundation for all those companies that choose not to show skateboard action in ads for skate hardware. The fact that Muska was Shorty’s first pro and that his deck is one of the best selling ever is a whole another story and we won’t go deep there. What happens here around us is that Blast! distribution, doesn’t care about ups and downs of the market, it’s not about brands & trends but more about fashion & function. Shorty’s hardware has been on top of the game for years, why should they sleep on their own production? It’s not the case, as these nuts show here. Short as their name says (1”), not anymore with an hex head, this is the return to Phillips head with a twist: colour. Designers there must get a raise for this, I’m talking to you, mr Buyalos. I mean, how can you come out with such a brilliant idea?! Not only you have a wide array of colours available but, according to how you like them, you have sets associated with music concepts. Do you feel this fashion punk comeback that is everywhere these days? Get The Sex Pistol combo. Do you prefer to use sax heavy jazzy soundtracks for a mellow vibe of your video parts? Get The Blue Note kit. Do you still cry about not having the De La Soul Dunk in your sneaker collection? Get The De La set. Don’t forget that after fashion, function is what matters so now feel free to skate and tell me if your bros at the park gave you a thumb up for your set and for your tricks.

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