adidas Snowboarding ● Jake Blauvelt boots

I met Santa the other day. Forget the old man with a long white beard and his flying raindeers, he retired and passed the job to his son. This modern superhero riding a flying snowmobile was wearing a beanie, a down jacket, corduroy pants and adidas Snowboarding Jake Blauvelt boots. I was stoked and curious so he explained me that, even if he has an old school job, he likes to combine fashion and function of modern pieces. Patient like his dad taught him, Santa’s son took a minute to explain me. adidas is no rookie in snowboard world, being the former owner of Salomon group, sold in 2005 to Amer Sports, a Finnish corporation. So after adidas Skateboarding conquered a more than respectable roster of pros and laced them with sick kicks, their next move was to create a never seen before collection. Say hello with me to adidas Snowboarding. Jake Blauvelt and his agent just called the manager of the trefoil skateboarding team and by accident they were already looking to expand in this direction exactely at the same time of that phone call. This is not his snowboard boot but rather an “après-shred boot”. You can walk in mountain trails or deal with snow in the city and this new ally will make the job much easier. Light but solid, there is no way that water can bypass its gusseted tongue. Your feet feel protected and wrapped by comfort at the same time, due to that lightweight EVA midsole cushioning. Don’t say you read it here, but I guarantee that even urban cats that don’t go to the mountains would dig these. These were the words of Santa’s son, so you’d better believe it.

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