Hypercrush ● Official Merchandise + Fingers Up free single

Free. I’m not talking about this or that famous rapper out of jail. Nossiir. I’m talking about how much Hypercrush loves you. A lot. They love you to a point to give you their latest single at zero money. No dollars or yen needed: Fingers up, their new single is available now for free download, since today. I can imagine djs dealing on the mixer with those tribal beats at the very beginning. Heavy dance grooves that will leave nobody holdin up the wall. Even the video is now on your favourite You Tube channel: Hypercrush. Donny, Holly & Preston seem to work with logic. A logic that goes by a work ethic whose keywords are fun, electro beats, stunning neon & acid wash denim outfits and live shows that leave a mark on you. Want proof? Go check their latest episode of Hyper Crush TV (now at its 18th episode). People want to have fun, like Cindy Lauper homegirls and this trio seem to be on the right formula to serve everybody with the right attitude. I went to browse their website and the above items seemed off the hook to me. That girl Cristina M, in my recent interview on Enquire magazine says that I don’t tend to appeal to girls with my posts here. Not much attention for girls from the urban scene? Well, not Hyper Crush case. Of course they have men tee shirts with attention to modern and captivating designs but I kindly invite you to check these Booty shorts for girls on American Apparel blanks. My utmost respect for this idea. That’s merchandising with a capital M. Want another dope item? Show your love with a gold Hypercrush logo shining on your neck. Straight from an old school mentality where girls wear goldie locks on their ears and their name on their neck. This crew has gained respect and attention in the States to a point that they scored a sponsorship deal with Skullcandy. Wondergirl Holly on her own is featured in more than one tee shirt by T.I.T.S. Check Super Soaker above for example. Is it because of her assets? I don’t think that her body alone does the trick, it’s all about her way to reinvent the word “swagger” everytime she puts together an outfit. No way to give this unstoppable ensemble the finger, they are just doing it right.

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