“I left my wallet in El Segundo/left my wallet in El Segundo/left my wallet in El Segundo/I gotta get, I got-got ta get it” (A tribe called Quest)

A wallet in this society is like a business card, pretty much. You may not care, you may laugh about it but people do look at it. Never ever you will see a businessman taking out his American Express from a chain wallet. Your dirty wallet may be cool to buy sodas after a skate session, but when you take it out to pay for dinner with your newly met friend that you took out for engagement reasons, it surely represents a minus on your personal judgement. Don’t think that you need one of those cheap a** designer replicas to impress people. If you’re into one of those brands, it’s so easy to detect a fake monogram by your favourite French designer, that you’d rather have an old and dirty one with no brand. Not long ago my homie Luca I, in one of his delirious mental trips told me that I should get a designer wallet. I kindly explained him that, not being rich, it would be like a false statement if I had one and I think you got it by now, this blog like my attitude, it’s all about avoiding the fakeness. What Funnel srl sent to The Maxiemillion is a fine piece to hold my euro bills and my cards: Apex Big Bill, a full leather grain wallet by Nixon. It saves you from looking like a street bum and you can fit in all the gym cards and your fidelity cards that you want up to six slots. Not only: the coin pocket makes this a winner. I heard around that coins are for charity, but when you need a coin, you need a coin and in this messy world, to have those metal pieces in place is a blessing. Beside this load of infos, what makes this wallet special is the feast that it generates for the eyes and for the fingers. Grey and turquoise makes it a happy piece to look at. What’s better than this?! A happy wallet made of soft and tough leather. Let’s not forget one thing: if there is a quality line around that deserves a check because of the high standards they’re reaching (and updating on daily basis) is Nixon. And for those of you that think that this brand represent action sports only, I have a question: what do you think that Mos Def is doing in their sponsored ranks? “1,2,3, Nixon is dope/how can’t you see?!”

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