“I like your Supras, daddy/I like your Supras, daddy” (Mickey Factz)

When you have names like Ellington, Greco, Muska, Lizard King, TK and Dixon in the same team, you are surely dealing with some extra hot stuff. These skaters can throw down tricks and know what style on a skateboard means. Probably they even know it off a skateboard because these Vaider GBR by Supra would look good even in a club or going shopping with your girl. Today I was rocking these and in the rear view mirror of my scooter I saw the face of this other girl on another scooter. She was staring in the direction of my kicks. This brand went from newcomers to trendsetters in a couple of years. TK made everybody turn their head when his extra hightop model dropped. Jigga and Weezy don’t rock sneakers like these for accident. Let alone Diddy… Rockstar status meets performance. This is an unofficial bridge stronger than other ones among music and skateboarding. Some newcomer identified with this brand so much that made a funny electro song about how ladies like his Supras. What’s the story behind this? Angel Cebada, after a few successful seasons with Krew denim co., saw an opportunity to expand in a market where function and fashion can go hand in hand. Functionally speaking Supra is a skate ready skateboard shoe. You don’t have to break them in, in order to feel your board when you skate, this sole is actually skate friendly. As far as fashion I remained speechless in front of the suede tye dye serie that they dropped a few months ago. The sleek shapes that are trademarks of this brand go hand in hand with the abundance of tight denims that are on the shelves of your skateshops nowadays. Gold, fake crocodile and shiny leather make up for a tough impact, good if you want to dress to impress. These kicks scream as a novelty in a field of stale production and I’m eager to review them, straight from Manifattura Valcismon warehouse that kindly let me examine these. Here above is a poker of pictures that lead me to the victory in any field: exactely like the purpose of these designers was.

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