“I load my backpack with spray paint/Girbaud couldn’t spark that/tagging up a train I catch the pound” (Artifacts)

With much surprise I received from Funnel srl this Nixon Ground Swell backpack. They must have thought that I surf a lot. They are true: I surf a lot the world wide web. Not a single wave of salty water has ever been ridden by me. I really respect surfers and their fantastic world, but I’m sorry, I don’t fake the funk. Ok, now I got it: they wanted to know if something with waterproof zippers and a pocket for a wetsuit, made out of waterproof taurpolin is something that may be useful with a urban lifestyle like mine. Snoop Dogg would say “fo’ sho'”. This item here is what you want as a friend that keeps you company on your trips and it’s a four season friendship. From the backpacker lifestyle à la Artifacts, to taking your girlfriend shopping around with this baby here on your shoulders, this backpack does it all. With its futuristic design, everything is in place with that front organizer pocket and custom zippers, in the splendid shape of a 28 liters capacity. Don’t you like when your backpack talks about how fresh you are compared to those that buy that backpack because their friend has the same? I do and I even like the matt black colour, the perfect contrast with those royal blue details. So, as in the better posts here, I actually tested this fine piece. Last weekend I went to this party in Jesolo area. I didn’t need much with me for a night out and this was what I needed. Once my clothes were dirty, I put them in the pocket with the blue zipper close to the straps and it worked: no smell outside. On the floss-o-meter rate, the friend that was with me told me that it was seriously good looking and I gotta say that even if he envied me for that, no bad vibe at all came out to mess with our goodtime. The stretch mesh side pocket is there to help you with thirsty issues and can hold your lemonade or your fermented malt can, too bad that I forgot to put mine in the refrigerator before and it was warm as my luv for all things urban is, when I tried to drink it… A special thanks goes out to The Reverend, the famous model from Move/Vibrarecords website that helped me out with the test and with the pictures.

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