“I make it hot, like a kettle get/you’re delicate, you better get – who sent ya?” (The Notorious Big)

First and foremost this is not a women division of The Berrics. Beside being the best private facility for skaters ever, this is a clothing collection for men and men only. I just thought you would have enjoyed more a few pics with Katia G with a men t shirt tied on her back and slightly rolled up on the sleeves rather than a picture of one of my skater homies, like we did with The Berrics cap Rappaport last time. The Berrics is as real as it gets, thanks to the reputation that they hardly earned and I’m not going to make it look like a cheesy brand, let’s be serious. The opportunity by the way, was given me by the subject on this Hot Hot Hot tee shirt, distributed in our corner of Europe called Italy by those busy guys at Blast! distribution. The idea here was pretty simple: the 70s style of the design of this t shirt suggested a cutie wearing it that would look good on a skate or simply hangin’ with it in the street. No hard task for Katia that pulled this pictures out in a matter of minutes. I’m happy with the result. Back to the subject, Hot Hot Hot is probably destined to make a statement on the situation of the skate community that nowadays is full of cruisers and longboards that seems to bring in a bunch of non-skaters into the scene. Being aware of this situation they probably wanted to make a statement and have a laugh at the same time, bringing out a sidewalk surfing subject for this design. Steve Berra and Eric Koston are the names behind The Berrics concept and this alone should be your guarantee of a genuine skate brand. This is why instead of making pictures with a 2012 cruiser I dusted off a fine piece from my archives and gave my supermodel a superskate: an original Grentech Spinner from 1978. If this tee shirt made skateboarding hot as fire, with Katia and her board we made it hot as lava.

No, questa non è una release della collezione donna di The Berrics: non esiste una sezione al femminile di questo brand. La t-shirt Hot Hot Hot sulla nostra Katia G è stata annodata sulla schiena, ecco perchè la veste così, capito il trick? Destinato per missione a vestire gli skaters, The Berrics ha consegnato
al distributore italiano, i nostri amici di Blast! distribution,
un’assortimento di soggetti tra i quali questa tee shirt, oltre allo snapback Rappaport che avevamo già visto qui. Da un brand che è rappresentativo di un park che è il top della progressione tecnica ad una tee shirt con un design 70s style? Perché? Che la tee shirt sia un modo di contestare lo stato delle cose che, grazie ai longboards e ai cruisers, ha portato molti non-skaters nella scena? In caso l’intento fosse questo noi ne prendiamo atto e per dare maggiore solidità a questo post difatti è stato rispolverato il superskate del 1978 Grentech Spinner. Grazie ad esso e alla nostra supermodel lo skateboarding non è hot come il fuoco: è bollente come lava.

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