“I mean if it’s a deal to you it’s a deal to me, but yo/Kiss me then I’ll kiss you back” (Digital Underground)

Sweet skateboard deck, huh? We met Moka Ultra Pop Design before, right when I introduced you the most evil tee shirt project ever. The most famous European woodshop produced this. If you aren’t familiar with how a skate deck gets to see the day of light, here we go: you design it, you send the graphics to a woodshop, you pick a concave and a shape, you order a minimum of 50 decks and in a matter of a month you will have a skate company. More conceived as a gift to their customers, than an actual skate product, the love for skateboarding that comes from the heart of Moka designers made this possible. An agency whose customers include Franklyn and Marshall, Converse and Everlast (with their collection dedicated to the Greatest aka Muhammad Ali), Moka has a fascination with everything innovative and… japanese porn. That’s where the inspiration comes from. Not to be confused with the funny cartoonish xxx style of Hook Ups, the skate company born from the sick mind of Jeremy Klein, these Geisha girls show us that they enjoy spending their time rubbing their tongues together. Skate population is mostly male, so it’s no great news that sex resides in every man’s mind. Easy marketing technique or unleashed fun? Sex sells, nothing new , but what Kourtney Amber R got in her hands here is the result of the total freedom that makes Moka designers feel happy to do what they do. How is that saying? Choose a job you love and you will never have to work another day. Tech sheet of this deck says that it’s a middle steep concave, 7″ wide in seven plies of maple like in any classic skate deck. They said to never buy a board for its graphics alone but to The Maxiemillion eyes that area with wood veneers and polka dots is really something timeless as far as design goes. Wanna get busy and become the next Steve Rocco then? Get in contact with Moka Ultra Pop Design and start planning the next skate world domination, before somebody else does. Don’t forget to tell them that The Maxiemillion sent you.

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