“I only wanted to one time see you laughing/I only wanted to see you laughing in the purple rain (Prince)

What I said last time, I meant it. If I told you that even the postman knows that purple is blowin up, do you think that Vans didn’t know this? This skate shoe manufacturer opened his shop where he sold custom made shoes on March 15th 1966, so you gotta take it for granted: old school always knows. If you missed an episode of The Maxiemillion, I recently received a Forty Four high exactely like this but… completely different. Jimmy C did it again, word to Britney. Together with that one was this one here I’m reviewing. If you like simple explainations, there u go: that style was more Satori, this is DGK. Earth friendly tones vs flavor of the month. Nonchalant attitude vs look at me now. The name behind the above item is Fifty Fifty, the shop of all skate shops in Bristol, UK. Danny Wainwright, the owner, always skated for Powell and Vans. Loyalty pays sometimes, if your shop can have a colourway of a Vans model and claim it to its name. When I did go in that city when I was 20, my homies Bear and Beano from Skate muties from the 5th dimension zine, ruled the city with events that were mad fun and a fanzine that was at the forefront of drunk silly fun. Pioneers of the skate punk scene there, they were already bored with the way things were turning at that time, can you figure out now?! Fifty Fifty crew probably is not bored, but enjoying as a result a sneaker that not only has both teal and purple colors, but also a fine dotted suede that go together with a black ripstop trademark Vans wave (is it a curve?). This is the power of excellence and no matter which one is your local shop, go there and you will find something matching. Me I’m happy because it matches the colours of the text you’re reading. I like it so much that I would wait to wear it for a special occasion. But then again, special occasions sometimes involve social drinking and if the drinking gets too social, probably this would lead to drop drinks on my kicks and I don’t want this. Back to eternal dilemma: to wear it or not to wear it. What’s important basically is to own it.

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