“I rock a short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts/your freestyles hot though you songs need work” (Nature)

They say that it’s always good not to go to the extremes. The right measure is in the middle, I’ve heard a few times. It’s exactely the case here. Long sleeve? Too warm. Sleeveless? It’s missing something. There you go with a short sleeve fleece by Urban Classics. I am a sucker for grey, I love everything in any shade of grey so when I saw this item in their catalog I put an option to have one for The Maxiemillion and here it is. There is not much to say here so I would follow what my friend Dj Edo Spiedo told me not long ago: be short sometimes, Maxie! I AM short, ok, but he was talking about my posts, not my height. Beside this charcoal/grey here, this item called TB153 is available in 3 more colors (black/grey, light grey/white and turquoise/light grey). I can honestly tell you that I see this better worn with a colorful plaid shirt too, not only like you see in the above picture. A plain hoodie made of 65% cotton + 35% polyester, this is ready to be used and abused for any street need your soul puts you to. Anything goes when something is without logos and it looks right for you. Are you a skater? Writer? Bmxer? Jogger? Gangster? Just don’t be too gangster and pay for this, don’t steal it. Otherwise your shop will go for broke and won’t call Boma Agency to get Urban Classics items anymore.

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