“I said I still like your style of fashion/but I hate your hostile, ‘itty attitude wit a passion” (Rakim)

Herbert Baglione. The soulful designer that more than once collaborated with Upper Playground. Not to be confused with Claudio Baglioni, one of the most famous Italian singers of my younger days. Music. We keep talking about it. It’s the spice of life. The art of organized sound makes our heart feel emotions. Feel all aggressive because you listen to fast music and heavy guitar licks. Or relax to a smooth voice and a sax. All our senses are stimulated by our environment. Be it a pleasant flower smell, a smooth skin, a wonderful panorama, we are all lookin for something that makes us feel good. How can you look good, you ask, so when a member of the opposite sex looks at you, you generate positive emotions? There is no key. That’s why there are so many stylists and designers out there, telling you that they have the key to success. A bunch of lies, that’s what it is. Do you know why? You have the key to success. Then again, it’s not only related to clothing. Your smile and your attitude can do miracles. In Italy for example, there are these stereotyped chicks everywhere: serious attitude, fake designer bag, big sunglasses and crossed arms on their chest like: “Can’t you see I’m that cool chick that you will never take home with you?”. Bullsh*t, if you allow me to say this. I’d rather have a smiling girl with me that knows how to have a conversation and most of all is not frustrated because she has a fake designer bag. There is no magic dress. It’s like a movie script: it all depends on who is the character for the script. You may be a great actor in the movie of life if you choose your role carefully. Don’t try to be something that you’re not or you will give to people the same feeling of a bad actor: you will be unpleasant. Not everybody can wear those tees that are called Entre Nada, Maos au Ceu and Navigating by Stars. What if you have a bling bling steez and you wanna wear one of these tees? It’s just not making the cut on you. It’s exactely how I told you: these Upper Playground tees are suitable for you only if they have the right place in your mix of pieces. Don’t forget to smile, that’s the first step to a good outfit, amigo.

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