“I smoke on the mic like smokin Joe Frazier/the hell raiser, raisin hell with the flavor” (Inspectah Deck)

Do you wanna know why I’m so much into music? All my life I’ve seen volumes of turntables, ghettoblasters, hi fi systems, walkmans and mp3s with my name on it. Beside Min, there is always Max written on any volume controller. As I kid I started to believe that music belonged to me, but all the money my brother spent to make me take lessons of piano first and guitar later, got flushed down the toilet, I never learned to play any instrument. I’m a great lover of music, anyway and this alone is a great pleasure. Music caresses my ears and makes love with my soul. What’s a better way to let the music caress my ear than Skullcandy headphones?! These Smokin buds earpieces, delivered by Wood Morning are surprisingly good looking but don’t let fashion make you forget the function. Gold plated jack gives you a sound that is more pure and realistic in comparison to a chromed jack, let alone the ultra soft gum to fit these micro speakers inside your ears. In this brilliant blister, there are also useful pieces like the double size rechange of said gum. In case you, darling, have little ears you can use the small ones to fit. For the squared up of you there is also a satin micro bag where you can put your earpieces when you’re done with music and it’s time to sleep. This brand appeals to all those sports that can get a rush of adrenaline listening to music: surf, skate, snow, fmx, wake and even ski! Music? How about Del The Funky Homosapien, one of my favourites old school wessiders with the smoothest flow. You wanna keep it new school? Hollie from Hypercrush too is down with Skullcandy. As far as the skate team, it goes from fresh to death Theotis Beasley to milestones like Christian Hosoi and Steve Caballero? It’s not over, they also sponsor one of my favourite skaters ever: Lizard King! He’s not doing the most rad tricks or the most tech but… he brought the airwalk back! By airwalk I don’t mean the skate kicks but the skate trick. If you find yourself walking on air while you listen your music with your Smoking buds, it may be Lizard King fault. Unless you smoked your bud before, but that’s a whole another story…

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