“I strive fa’ my pay each and every way/but this type of shit, it happens everyday!” (G-Dep)

As Nas said in his first album (and Huf made a tee shirt about it a couple of years ago) “I’m an addict for sneakers, 20s of Buddha and bi*ches with beepers”. Considering that bi*ches never had beepers here in Italy but cellphones and Buddha is not a topic of discussion suitable for this blog, what we got left is the sneaker addiction. I think about what happened this month to me: a couple of bills, the cellphone that had to be fixed, a fine that the police kindly gave me yesterday and my sneaker dreams this month say bye bye while they fly away. But the need to be fresh is something that is just inside you, there is nothing you can do about it. If you look that “same old you” when you check your kit in the mirror before joining the outside world, you know that you won’t feel alright that day or that night. Me too like Kid Cudi, I toss and turn and I keep stress in my mind. Especially to look good. What I had the chance to do this week, courtesy of Claudia from Blue distribution is to pimp my old kicks. Of course you have a pair of sneakers in your closet that are classic and therefore they may be a little bit old. Plus the last time you wore them you thrashed them a bit, people stepped on them right after they put their feet in a puddle of Cuba libre, so they need some tuning. First and foremost clean them with a little brush and liquid soap. The white part at the bottom needs to come back to white, there is no shade allowed far from plain white. Once you’re done, take these special laces from Mr. Lacy, named the Flatties – Glow in the dark remix, and do the lacing correctly. These can do magic, litterally: from white to neon simply adding some light that charges their glowing component. Once you wear them you have a glowing element that others don’t have, for a few bucks. Wear them with care, don’t waste time wearing them during the week, this is a “strictly for the weekend” item. Don’t forget to go to perform your moonwalk when you’re in the club, close to one of those violet neon lights that will increase your performance like wax does to a skate ledge. The skate comparison comes handy since my last advice for your moves is… don’t slip.

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