“I travel through the darkness carrying my torch/the illest soldier, when I’m holding down the fort” (Guru)

Method Man was the darkside of the force, DMX told us that it’s dark and hell is hot, Bubba Sparks explained that he had dark days and bright nights and Q-Tip had the night on his mind, even if he knew that the sun will still shine. Hip hop music and darkness? No, these are just a few examples, since references on the fascination that the darkness has on the human soul can be find in every kind of music, no matter if it’s jazz or electro or heavy metal. I speak for myself and I love hip hop, but you can love what you want, I don’t care that much. I’m pretty sure that you care about this tee shirt by The Hundreds by the way. 6 years ago or something like that I had the pleasure to visit their flagship store in Rosewood Ave, Los Angeles and I found mostly tees back then. The brand that is known for Adam, its funny little bomb in the logo that you can see on the label above (first picture), is landed on Italian soil for a couple of years now. Nowadays they have a footwear collection, sunglasses, denims, backpacks and wallets. Fresco distribution is taking care of all this and I’m also happy to say that my big homie Fabio L at the Industrial studio represents even this brand among the others. The name itself comes from the wish that they had at their very beginning: “Let them come by the hundreds”. It all happened for real, considering that now the customers that rock the happy bomb are thousands, all over the globe. Not your average friendly skate brand that you can see everywhere you go, The Hundreds loves to hide in special shops, those where you go in and you ask to your friend that works there: “What do you have in stock that is really fresh?”. Specialty online websites like Moveshop love to deal with this brand too and I gotta confess that I followed this LA street icon over the years and it’s amazing how they kept the bar always high. This design here with a skull and a lightbulb for example is a remake of an old designs that they dropped years ago. Carry tradition but most of all enjoy both day and night like you were Kid Cudi and don’t worry about darkness: the bright idea to get a tee shirt this yellow won’t let your presence be a secret as you enter the room.

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