“I went into a store to buy a slice of pizza/and bumped into a girl, her name was Mona what? Mona Lisa (what?) ” (Slick Rick)

I never had a little dog, but if I ever had one, I wish he was like Pizza. Not in the sense of “good to eat”, but in the sense of looking like this dog above, whose name happens to be Pizza. He lives the best life ever. He hangs out on daily basis with one of the funniest skaters: Joey Brezinski. Joey is one of The Maxiemillion favourites: how can somebody be so cool to draw his front teeth on any signature he does to every skate kid in the world?! There is more: Joey uses that signature even on his clothing line, but let’s not go too fast. Let’s start from the beginning. Once a pro skater that lost his job as an Arcade pro, when the company went out of business, Joey went from a valet parking job, to conquer a professional position at Cliché and from then he kept collecting sponsors. Tensor, Redbull, Autobahn wheels and Diamond supply co. are the most famous ones but what people probably don’t know yet is that Joey has a collection to his name under Rusty umbrella. So RAD! Not an exclamation, this is the name and it stands for Rusty Audio Design. Being Joey an individual with a strong sense of humour, he gave to his dog a spotlight in all this: Pizza is all over RAD website but it’s in the above tee shirt that he scores the most points. Wear this t shirt doing the most technical manual tricks on a skateboard, or rock it to be the most impressive party animal but even wear it to play cool to go to your girlfriend house to chill with her: this tee is an allround winner. There are no reports of losses with this RAD dog on your tee shirt. Luca I, close friend of The Maxiemillion and a key player for La Jolla Group, home of Rusty, told me tales of all La Jolla employees loving Pizza to a point to make him get the official mascotte role. Black and white make a colour combo out of time and out of every fashion trend (sorry, I’m not knee deep into this “blue marine thing” yet). Print is extra light, beside being well done and detailed to the maximum. There is even a signature label stitched to the sleeve with Joey’s teeth and no labels inside to maximize the confort of your neck, but as you can see all the details are printed. And you thought that Pizza was just the favourite food of Teenage Ninja Turtles

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