I write it in capital letters: the Captain is CAPone

If I had to pick up one cap among all these, it would be the Racketeers, with its Al Capone lookalike. All these caps got me watering at the mouth, I’d lie to say the contrary, but in these times of studio gangsters recording their epic tales of pure imagination, nothing stands out like the real thing. Al Capone was on point way before Gallardos, diamonds of the size of golf balls and bodyguards. Let’s not forget that he brought an Italian touch to the Windy city. We also don’t have to forget who’s behind these excellent wool caps from Upper Playground manufactured by our favourite mega company, New Era. If you miss the link among Kanye West and Talib Kweli album covers, Girl skateboards wooden dolls, Think skateboards graphics , Juxtapoz tees and Queens of the Stone Age tour posters, here it is: Morning Breath Inc. Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto are the names behind this moniker. Their studio is at the forefront of graphic creation for all the street needs you may have, including this serie above. It’s the first time that in front of a selection of caps I almost felt like an Arabian sultan in front of his harem: don’t know what my pick for the night is.

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