If there is a wheel, there is a way.

The more the time passes, the more I find myself thinking of the past. I don’t think that “those were the days”, I always think “we’re living the days”. We have always had good and bad aspects in every era we lived, it’s called change. What we have to do is to adapt. This time my thoughts went way way back, to prehistory, when humans had discovered wheels in form of trees sections. This must have been perceived as a revolutionary discovery. No wheels, no pyramids. Then the ancient romans had state of the art chariots with horses as engines. Then later on in the centuries we had the first cars. The wheel has been used in different materials and different dimensions even inside engines (isn’t a bearing a wheel?) but also in casinos roulettes. May we consider the cylinder where you put bullets in a revolver a wheel too? In a deep, contemporary analysis there is a sort of pride related to the wheel. You are what you ride, to put it simple. You are a clean, meticulous guy? Your wheels shine. You want to show that you’re wealthy and you are a skateboarder? Zenetti wheels, sir. You don’t care about it? Your wheels are covered by a dirty plastic disc. Skateboard wheels kinda express this thing in a parallel world. From clay wheels to urethane, they have had an evolution that had its peak in those gimmicks that came out around ten years ago. Hollow core wheels , dual core for better bearing positioning and even hollow radial plastic core, to have the lightest wheel ever. All in all The Maxiemillion thinks that nothing beats a classic wheel. It’s all in the formula and the diameter related to what/how you ride. The skate etiquette says that skilled skaters put the graphics inside, facing the center of the board, not outside, did u know this? It also says that if you’ve been down in the game for years and years, you get free stuff in a way or another. Well, my post here is the way for me to get this free 53 millimiters wheels from Jart. While you’re at it, go peep the latest teaser of the Jart tour video. Those guys don’t give a damn about skate etiquette: they just shred and they’re rad.

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