“If you feelin like a pimp ni**a/go and brush your shoulders off” (Jay Z)

29 tees?! It’s almost one year that my blog is up and I never ever put so many tees in one post. A Maxie gotta do what a Maxie gotta do… You can find all these beauties at the Upper Playground store. Bless you. What? You thought that I’d use more space telling you this or that about these tee shirts?! There is no room for this but since you’re asking I may slip in a little extra words. My favourite among these is the Huuuge tee (big boobs and big rims). Not that is the best one, the best one is Doing time (drawing black on white of a walrus and a Cholo featuring a penitentiary in the back). Two different subjects both by Munk one. Dude is a street Leonardo Da Vinci to me. But I feel more like a pimp than a Cholo these days and you know I’m down with the truth. Always.

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