Illicit Blak ● Initialed White On Black snapback

Now that I think of it, I don’t know exactly what sparked in Illicit Blak the interest on The Maxiemillion. I told you the last time I posted a cap by this brand that actually I got hooked on Instagram, with the offer that I couldn’t refuse to review one of its headpieces.

Why is Illicit Blak feeling my style? I shoot girls next door that may look good but their squad is on another level: beautiful tattooed pin ups with toned bodies showing up, represent the imagery of this brand from UK. Then I understood that I simply underestimated the power of words, together with my passion for headwear. Maybe the variety of items that get posted on my blog and the honesty of my reviews. It must be this, I’m more and more convinced.

So in order to give justice to the second headwear piece that Illicit Black sent me I got equipped with this fabulous girl whose name is Jessy C and we are ready for Initialed White On Black snapback. With the I and the B that represent the name of the brand it has been created this striped logo, inspired by another brand in streetwear that is making noise.

Like with that Signature Black On Black snapback, even here we are dealing with a classic structured snapback whose shape is neat and well defined, with a flawless 3d embroidery. The little crown on the side is your guarantee of royalty. In case you didn’t understand this headwear brand is strictly for kings and queens. Internal taping with the name of the brand is custom and on subject of branding, you can also find a little woven label that says even where the closure is.

Perfectly matched in an all black outfit with very little white, I would suggest this cap to strong individuals whose personality stands out (but also a massive good looking amount of tattoos is suitable)
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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