Illicit Blak ● Initials Black + Signature Black t-shirts

Remember that collab among Supreme and Louis Vuitton that had everybody talking? It was a clash of the opposites: street meets luxe, skateboarding action meets people that count money to spend time but everybody loved it. What a time to be alive, huh?! It was a successful marketing operation for sure, crossposting their respective names in each other field of action.

With the same principle but more on a street level, this post is based on the same principle. Think about when you give a pound to your homie at the club, dressed differently from you but sharing the same vibe. Now imagine Illicit Blak and The Maxiemillion instead of those two friends.

The first is the tattoed guy that keeps himself fit going at the gym regularly, in an all black outfit with fresh kicks (and freshest chicks). The second is the friendly guy that keeps himself informed staying online a lot (read: too much) with next level matchings and a permanent smile on his face. They recognize and respect each other style focusing on the common ground rather than on the differences.

That’s basically the scenario here. I got in touch with this brand many moons ago and our common love for snapbacks was stronger than our differences, that’s why we connected. The British unit that was born as an headwear brand is now dropping its first tees and of course I couldn’t be left out of this.

Initials Black and Signature Black are the names of these two styles of the four available featured in these pictures of fighting Sally B and Desire C. I envisioned two girls mad at each other for rocking Illicit tees simultaneously but they decided to become friends at the very end.

These screen printed tees are essential but far from average: internal custom taping on the neck and woven labels on the hem are defining their level. No matter your style, you should wear an Illicit tee, at the club just like at the gym or in front of your MacBook.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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