Illicit Blak ● Signature Black On Black snapback

London is still calling after all these years. From one of the most prolific European capitals for what concerns streetwear, I have the pleasure to introduce you the Illicit Blak brand. To make a long story short, I did not look for this brand but better yet… this brand looked for me on Instagram. I got a message of compliments on what I do, together with the offer to review one of its headwear pieces and of course I said: “Deal!”

With its honest approach to street fashion, the tight group of friends behind Illicit Blak represents (in its own words) “an independent no nonsense brand born out of the desire to find something individual in a sea of bland commercialism”.

This, translated to you, means something like: “We do what we feel is right, regardless of the trends”. That’s why among its collection you have no Dad Caps but OG snapbacks and trucker caps. If I may add, then let me say: “of the utmost level of quality”.

Nothing is missing from this Signature Black On Black snapback here shown on the head of Claudia S. Internal custom taping is flawless and so is its thick 3d embroidery. I always loved the feeling of black on black caps. It’s the colorway that can let you go bold with the dimensions of the embroidery because it’s subtle in any case, it doesn’t show off much.

Its slightly round visor is where you find a matte sticker (matte is the new shiny, in case you did not know) that among other things says “To obey the forbidden is to forfeit the fun”.

With this said I can only add: go check Illicit Blak website and cop online one of their headwear pieces: these underground cats deserve your support if your state of mind is all about an illicit life.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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