“I’m crazy and deranged/blowin ni**az out the frame, simple and plain” (The Notorious B.I.G.)

If you were waiting for a comeback, look elsewhere, because neither me nor Duane Peters ever quit. Well, he do skates better than me and party much harder. Can you say dynamite sticks thrown off the car during Gumball 3000 costing him jail time?! F**k the world. He just stays loyal to that motto. My homie Luca I dropped more than a hilarious tale of the life of this super one man gang, that always makes Luke Burrett day, when he’s visiting Silverstar headquarters. Not only this pioneer landed a shoe on Draven, but he’s making the veteran skate division of Silverstar all by himself among a lot of fighters. He fits the image, hands down.
Beside all the tales surrounding this legendary skate pioneer, let’s put an eye on this tee shirt, out of the company that since 93 is giving you a taste of the Cali R’n’R life that we Euro playaz dream of. We talk about Silverstar here, one of those lifestyle companies that is coming out of this modern era where a whole lot of different people with different occupations, may enjoy the same attitude through the way they look. Whoa, this concept that I just typed took a hell of an effort, but I gave you the picture. The tee is an actual reproduction of his own Levi’s denim sleeveless jacket with added patches in black tee shirt fabric. Not only, if you peep closely there is also US Bombs (one of his bands) written on the back under Silverstar patches. Beside badges as punk as pissing on the wall with people passing by, there are also a few original Duane Peters patches. “Missisippi” is one of my favourites, but also “Go to hell” has a magnetic appeal. And yes, that dirty striped tee shirt was what our man was wearing when they took the pic to produce this fine item. Not only, he also wore that rough rusty lock on his neck and a chain.
The only problem with this tee shirt is that it’s too tight for me. Why didn’t you bring here an XL instead of a M, Luca I?! I don’t see any solution. Plus I can’t give it to my nephew because it’s too punk for his fresh and clean attitude. Ebay? I don’t even approach that website… Put it in a frame? I don’t have his autograph on. Don’t be lurkers and be active, help me out about what I can do with this tee! Here below is the comment section…

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