“I’m livin in the future, so the present is my past/my presence is a present, kiss my a**!” (Kanye West)

What is Italy for you? Tiziano Ferro? Eros Ramazzotti? Berlusconi and bunga bunga? Gucci and Miu Miu? Some Italian people thought that enough is enough and they needed to voice their opinion. I know them quite well and I can tell you that their thoughts can be summed in the following: “Fuck all the above”. Freedom and creativity, together with the international skateboard revolution but most of all with the velocity coming from skateboard wheels that spin really fast gave birth to Futura. Write it down Fvtvra please (in Rvca and Blvck Scvle style if this makes you understand it quicker). This skateboard brand comes from an inspiration out of a movement founded by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti called Futurism. Quickness, modern times, revolution from the old to the new are all concepts that may easily relate to all members of Fvtvra: from founders Luca Basilico and Lorenzo Formenti, to freelance graphic designer Paola “Pol” Vertemati that signed this beauty of a deck to riders Adriano La Greca and Ponce. There is a graphic reference here to the exact period in Milan when people gathered in bars before going to eat dinner when appetizer got invented. It was during the 20s, Futurism was moving its first steps (or shall I say popping its first ollies?) and activists, actors, literates and tourists too enjoyed to go to whis bar in Milan where a man called Gaspare Campari created something that we could call a “light liquor” that came in one of the best looking and most unique bottles. Talk is not cheap when a new cultural revolution is started and you are in front of an appetizer served in the heart of Milan sipping a new drink. This is only equivalent to talk about a new skate trick learned during the day with a Fvtvra deck under your feet sitting on a skatepark bench at the end of a session. Oh, how lovely is life with all its different aspects. Blast! distribution is an Italian company formed by a crew of friends and they build on their future step by step. To make Italian skateboarding a stronger unit, they decided that it was time to offer quality products at a pricepoint that give a helping hand to the skater, with a more “grown up feel” graphically speaking. At the same time they wanted to make a statement with their company through their manifesto. Are you rebel enough to join this 8 x 31.9 revolution?


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