“I’m lookin’ for devotion, slow motion/tropical potion, sun and body lotion” (Rza)

A sun lotion. The concept alone evokes far away worlds. I’m not talking about the distance. Here I’m all about the state of mind. Forget your pc at home. No cable tv. Rock your sunglasses a lot. Lay down a lot. Take a swim when it’s too hot but most of all, forget your problems, think the less possible. Your problems gotta be like “Is my boardshort wet?” “How long am I laying down, is it time for more sun lotion?” or the most favourite problem “Is this girl really staring at me?”. I am putting a bit of my life between the lines. I do met my French ex on a beach and yes, she was staring at me… Back to reality, I’m single and I don’t have any relationship of sort with my ex and I really need an holiday. I gotta put the whole thing on hold. Not this blog only, my whole life. All this talking is appealing to you and me but nothing has the same magic of the words: “Pass me the lotion tube, please”. No, I don’t wanna go the the “Rub lotion on me, please” phase, that’s a whole different ball game. Pass me the lotion means that your car is parked, your beach blanket is already there and the worst it can happen to you is that in one hour you will feel the need to go to the bar and get you whatever your soul feels like. A dream scenario, honestly. I don’t know where to go on holiday yet, but I’m sure that an Irie Daily trunk like this Cubes Boardershort will be official to cover those private parts on a beach. We all know that Irie Daily reigns in the European streets, and so does their Italian distributor Double H but I’m sure you were all rocking that good ole surf company short from 4 summers ago in hope that nobody recognize that it’s an old one. A fast drying nylon fabric is what this boardshort is made of so basically you can forget about the first problem we talked about. All over print of cubes with Irie Daily written on it gets u in a fresher mood when you realize that those are all stylized ice cubes. The old school ones, not the fancy round ones of modern ice machines. Irie Daily may be new to the beach you go to but not so new to the school this blog is about. And by the way yes, this girl is really staring at you. I can’t do nothing about your doubt “Is she looking at me or at my shorts?”, you gotta ask her so you know.

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