“I’m on a mission, that ni**az say is impossible/but when I swing my swords they all choppable” (Gza)

Why should I invent a story when reality itself is remarkable?! One of the main external collaborators of this blog is good ole Max P. He calls me out of the blue and he says that there is an item from Double H distribution that so worths a post in this blog. Let a couple of days pass and there I am, ringing at his doorbell. Max brings out a black box of the size of a couple of sneakers boxes together and makes the left side slide apart from the right side, opening it exactely in the middle as shown in fourth picture. I seriously think that this is the best packaging ever with a denim inside.
Soone denim atelier in the box of Yoto chic edition denim has a samurai statue, a huge Soone sun plaque on the back, a Soone logo and a sword. The material seems earthenware, it’s painted in black or white (depending on the versions). I mean, we all know that Soone has a fascination of sort with Orient and martial arts like they were bringin up to this day Wu Tang Shaolin philosophy but this is way beyond any expectation. Who the hell could have thought of this?! We are in front of a classic case of “people with a vision”. I can see myself with some friends when we decide how to do a flyer for a party and somebody says something that seems too crazy. Someone else gets serious and likes the idea and in a couple of days when the flyer is done, people smile, high fives slap all around and satisfaction flows in abundance. Can you imagine how happy Julien Soone was when he first saw his creation come to life? The denim is off the hook, attention to detail doesn’t even give justice to it, it’s way more than that. Inside print all over, embroidery on the pockets ton sur ton (makes it a bit more discreet than the last model that we reviewed with gold reigning supreme over it) and little metal plaque over the coin pocket are little touches that make this item perfect when you go out to chop heads of fake mcs. My pictures really don’t give justice to this item, it’s worth of 25 pictures at least, it’ not a denim but a whole universe. Are you ready to conquer it with your sword?

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