“I’m sick of bit**es shakin’ a**es/I’m sick of talkin’ about blunts/sick of Versace glasses” (Dove-De La Soul)

In case you have a doubt about this, let me state it officially: this blog is about fun. In any form appealing to the person that is typing this. May it be new clothes, music, events, magazines this blog called The Maxiemillion has a simple rule: to enjoy life following its own path. You won’t find here boring reviews that mention purely the name of the object reviewed, a posh attitude and a couple of lines of description. This blog it’s not like going to an office with some documents to show to an employee that doesn’t smile, it’s more like going to a bar with a friend to sip a cocktail, just to give you the picture. Our friends at Lobster design their collection with the same spirit of mine, to enjoy life. Life of our heroes during the day is made of basketballs, fixed gear bikes, skateboards and the related outdoor activities that lead you to feel good, beside the heavy clubbing (that is actually nightlife and not daylife). If you’re more of a static person and you indulge yourself, while you’re outdoors, in funny activities like rolling custom made cigarettes with misterious ingredients, chances are that your eyes won’t look that good, after a session of your favourite pastime. Lobster is the saviour here. Your money is gone in lighter, rolling papers, tobacco, fuel for the car to get to the spot and a bottle of water. Times are hard, so you can’t play mini Diddy with designer glasses, but still you have a problem with the condition of your eyes, so the above glasses are the solution. Available on the market from next season, Lobster sunglasses are mad cheap. By this I mean 10 euros retail. You read it right. But the only cheap thing here is the price, because our item reviewed today makes you look like a king. Also available in green and in black, beside the clear and royal blue models pictured above, these sunglasses have a Lobster icon metal logo on the sides and UV400 lenses make your eyes relax, while your wallet is even more relaxed. And you thought that to look good you had to spend your money like you were Birdman

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