“I’m the king of rock, there is none higher/Sucker MC’s should call me sire” (Run DMC)

Six months ago I was at Bread & Butter Barcellona and I tested these Nixon headphones. I had mixed emotions. I felt part Chad Muska and part rich man sitting on my leather chair after a hard work day, sippin on my whisky on the rocks and smoking my Cuban cigar. I went to New School shop today and there they were, calling me like Ulisse in the Odissey when the mermaids sung unique unbelievable songs. The sound in my mind was coming from inside that above shell. Unzipped it disclosed a rare beauty but instead of the scale this mermaid had beautiful black leather. The finest quality. The one you like to touch again and again in the most beautiful colour ever for leather: black. Nothing to deal with those other “pro model headphones” where you buy the name but wear plastic on your head. A simple form, functional, with no frills but attention to the details. The cord is protected by fabric, for longer lasting and improved resistance. Volume? Just put your hand to the ear and rotate the wheel. Simple. These headphones are as big as the crown of a king and the metal used for the jack is gold. Dj Lah explained me last saturday that gold is the best metal ever for jacks that have to deliver you any sound: the rendition is the most pure and true to the recording that you’re listening to. So you can decide what kind of king you want to become, as Nas said the world is yours. You are a sound engineer or simply a dj, you’re a skateboarder that chomp rails, you have a bangin mansion with design furniture and you like to listen to music at the volume that you decide and not your neighbour. Nixon dedicates Master Blaster to those that don’t go half steppin’ in life but go straight to the top. Probably you wanted to know about Chad Muska, how he was ruling the nineties skating with a ghettoblaster or with a huge pair of headphones on and doing massive tricks over gaps and rails. Well, wait for that until I review a pair of Supra Skytops, don’t put pressure on me.

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