“In the field of rap, I’m superb, I’m fly/I should be in the sky with birds” (Eric Sermon)

Go hug a tree. I said “Go hug a tree”! Turn your pc off. Stop Twittering. No need to watch the new profile picture on Facebook of the girl you have a crush on. Turn your celly off. Who needs to read the text message concerning what happened last night?! Now you’d better pedal on your bycicle and reach a park or better yet the countryside. How peaceful is that? Doesn’t nature take out the best part of you? Trees, grass, birds and again sky, sun and clouds. This ensemble may be very positive for you and for your spirit. No matter your religion, to get that contact with nature back may be so healthy at times. In case you didn’t do what I just told you and you’re still in front of your screen, I’m glad to introduce you to the Upper Playground Capsule collection by Saelee Oh. This San Francisco based artist hit me like a brick in my head when I heard “super power I wish I had: ability to speak all languages, including animal language”. This is San Francesco ability. He talked to the birds, remember? That’s what the poor Saint from Assisi was known for. Well, these tees talk to me and I’m quite of a strange animal, so Saelee maybe already has that power. This mini collection of premium tees just came out and since I found it very up to date, I couldn’t miss a post on it. An exquisite hand, very gentle is what we may call this artistic trait. What these tees tell me are concepts like calm, return to the nature, contemplation. These tees kindly ask me to forget the rat race and remember that everything has its place in nature and we should not forget it. Trees are huge and horses are not bigger than toys. You can ride a squirrel, no problem. You can also dive in a wonderful sea where there is no need to breath oxygen and
there are no plastic bags around. Now that you’re re charged don’t forget that it’s monday and you have your duties to take care of…

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