Independent Truck Co. ● BTG Ring Raglan

Grind all you want, my reader: Independent is on your side. These trucks are the choice of the skateboard elite for more than three decades now. Beside giving you a part of your skateboard that you can count on, NHS inc (the company that is behind this brand and a lot more), also designed a little clothing collection ready to satisfy the needs of true skateboarders.

You have seen already a few pieces distributed by SRD like this t-shirt. It’s a raglan tee with long sleeves. Recently we saw another raglan tee by Independent, remember? Being this kind of garment heavily on demand it seems just right that Independent designed more than one. Far from being flashy, this BTG ring raglan that Ottavia DM is wearing relies on a sure combination such as heather grey and burgundy. No frills for a garment committed to real action.

The Built to Grind round logo is still the one that Jim Phillips designed in the late 70s when he started to give to this brand iconics logos that overcome the challenge of time. A particular attention has been given to details here: like an authentic throwback tee of this kind, the hem is zig zag stitched and not doubled up and sewn.It won’t make too much of a difference if you are out to shred til you’re dead but it does to garment fanatics such as myself.

So, of course it’s time to grind but it’s even time to rock an ill raglan and it seems that in this case you can do both at the same time.

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