“Introducin’ the Ghost..face.. Killaaah/no one could get illa”(Ol’ Dirty Bastard)

It’s a wonderful world, word to Louis Armstrong. Especially if you hang in expos like the one pictured above. Nothing but the goodies, ladies and gents. As I told you, New Era Europe was about to hit Milan and so they did. Peep at the wonderful space called XL Combines (the broken walls were bananas, guys) the creations that gave birth to New Era introducing. The concept of cube was explored in all its possibilities and dimensions: from the small cube of my latest post here to a huge perspex cube in a center of a room that had built in cells with caps and screens of several dimensions displayin the visionary work of the artists. Fresh people, not so fresh hipsters (they’re all around us), old schoolers, newcomers and bloggers all had their reason to gather and the event had a great turnover for all ages. This is what makes New Era shine to my eyes: the fact that anybody can relate to it for his own reasons with his own style. It has been great to be able to meet New Era team from the old continent, I saw them last time at Infart, as I told you. A few of my rep friends were there too and it’s always a pleasure to discuss the fine art of urban style guerrilla sipping an Asahi brew, courtesy of the house. Let’s say that people from all over Europe was attending, from Rome’s own Surfa to my Lithuanian homegirls designers and owners of LeMuse (you may see a cap designed from them next year…). What makes this event special to my eyes is the test that I put Roberta Ungaro to. You have seen a few of her shots on The Maxiemillion before and she kindly explained me about her style of photography. Exactely like a skater, you have your deck and you tend to roll on anything in front of you but you have your field of excellence. Very rarely transition skaters excel in flatground tricks, right? She is really good at fashion shots with a unique sensibility but she is no “event photographer”. For the love of blogging anyway she applied to this challenge and you agree with me that what you see above is far from average. She let the caps do the talking but she helped the story with an undefined perspective of her own. Good job to New Era and Roberta: what could I do without you?!

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