Iriedaily ● Authentic 2.0 tee

Did you see the name of this Iriedaily item? The collective of friends turned streetwear brand from Berlin has the right more than any other to call itself authentic, if you consider that the Kreutzberg clique behind Iriedaily is celebrating this year its 25th anniversary.

Call it love for the streets or better yet natural environment, Berlin offered this brand endless inspiration, being the German capital a place where freedom represents a priority, for life itself and consequentially for creativity. This means music, visual arts and clothing industry too have more opportunities when it becomes a matter of expression. What the rest of Europe saw in Iriedaily is a no frills approach that takes the brand to create items that represents such eclectic environment. If you listen to EDM rather than trap or rap music doesn’t matter much when you wear a t-shirt like the one that Halidou S is wearing: its appeal is universal.

With an embroidery exactly on the center of the tee, you have the original Iriedaily logo designed by founder JayBo when the brand was moving its first steps. Think of wearing a jacket or a zipper hoodie leaving out this embroidery only. That’s a fresh move.

Then on the back you have the claim “Authentic School / Est 1994 Iriedaily Berlin / Dedicated to those who believe in our attitude of staying different” on three different lines, signed by the pen and sword almighty logo, so dear at this brand. I say so because Iriedaily still promotes a lifestyle where words are more important than cash money and this puts them in the ideal perspective from my point of view.

Once again the choice is yours: you can represent wearing a brand that is flavor of the month or rather rely on a solid reality that after 25 years of hard work is still warming up for the next level. What is left to say is that this tee is available on Iriedaily website. You don’t need to live in Berlin to rock well this style: it’s all in the mental attitude…

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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